38Children love to beat Teach you 5 strokes no longer worry! Sohu -|Children love to beat Teach you 5 strokes no longer worry! Sohu -5

Children love to beat? Teach you 5 strokes no longer worry! This paper | Sohu – mother has a child, innocent and cute, clever and polite, that is called "other people’s children"; and then a small child, sometimes with his fists to others, a word not just the angel devil mode switch at any time, this is your child. I have a friend, the child just 3 years old this year, go to kindergarten on the third day of the class of the two children crying, but also sitting on the other people do not come down to say riding. A friend to pick him up, several parents around to say a, face lining are up, took the child home without demur to beat. The children want to know who is a president, take him to the area before playing in the garden, took several years older than his little brother cry bite. Friends are afraid to bring him to go out to play, afraid of the child and hit. In the face of such children, as parents, when the envy of others, is not to learn some cheats, occasionally put a big move? A pledge. In advance and the children stand a good rule, tell him love beating children no one love, my mother did not love, every time we have said repeatedly before going out, children have a little progress to reward. Two. Find the reason not to not understand the antecedents and consequences when arbitrary punishment and scolding a child, beating together and cause analysis to children, encourage children to express inner thoughts, such as: kids with my toys, so I want to come back to. Because of this stage of child language development is not perfect, in desperation, more often than a hand, you must understand him. Three. When you treat a child correctly, your reaction is very important. When I saw the baby can’t let things drift when hit, and cannot express joy, to grab his hand and told him not to look, but do not immediately severe criticism, not violence. Can divert the attention of the child, such as emotional stability and then the child education. Four. Violence to grow up an example of harmonious family relations in children rarely attack people, try to reduce the couple quarrel and fight indecent behavior at home, your behavior will directly affect the child’s behavior pattern. Remember to send the right message to the child, let the child gently treat the world. Five. Pay attention to the child some baby often by teachers and parents of the children may be ignored, beating just for the attention of the adults. You can often communicate with children, whisper, play games, look at the picture book, children being optimistic good character. In addition, aged 1-2 years old children are in hand in the sensitive period, by hitting and biting attack, to observe the reactions of others, a tentative and exploratory behavior is hit, you can cold treatment, do not strengthen the punishment, is of no use. See the text of the pro who do not prevent get, maybe your baby will become the envy of others. Conducting children love to beat is because of what? What’s the matter with the child’s temper? Child!

18Look at how the high-income earners money money|Look at how the high-income earners money money3

Look at how the high-income earners money money? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Look at how the high-income earners money money? Recently, the capital market downturn, real estate prices, the high cost of living, a thousand li a day, let the quality of life for all people are on the decline. How to beat inflation, how to earn more money out of wages, is a matter of concern to everyone. This article for you to explain, high-income earners is how to get more money more, this is true. The first is a different way to make money: make money by socializing. In China, it seems that all people are talking about the network of two words, I met a lot of financial big coffee, they found the way to make money, in fact, two words of social. In economics, information asymmetry, but in the real world is even more so, because a large amount of information has been monopolized by the barriers, the more asymmetric information to make more money. In ancient times, travel between the two places between just rely on commodity price differentials can earn huge amounts of money. The Chinese’s first batch of billionaires, such as Yang Baiwan who is on stripping in different regions to have earned pours. Where there is supply, where there is demand, know what is scarce where is the biggest information resources, grasp the difference of information, you can easily earn a huge fortune. A large number of high-income groups, the real wealth is to rely on the acquisition and exchange of information, the business has become the information broker, to make money through the hands of the information, has become the most profitable way of high income people. This purely social matchmaking transaction, almost a kind of no business, as long as a few minutes, you can earn high returns. The magazine about the bill business is the truth, know as early as money, know now, do not lose money on the good. Second different ways to make money: money to make money. This way of making money has not need too much discussion, whether it is real estate property appreciation, or rent, interest, dividends, dividends and so on, all belong to the scope of capital to make money. It is the more than and 20 years since China’s housing reform, as a result of rising real estate prices again, so that the real estate has become China’s rare value-added investment. What do not buy a house has become a consensus of the Chinese people, it can be said that over the past decade, the real estate to each Chinese people’s assets plus leverage, so many people earn a lot of revenue. In this case, it is undeniable that Chinese has entered a rate of return of capital than labor return times, for example, Shanghai housing prices in Beijing this year, so that ordinary white-collar income not buy a few years wasted, because for white-collar workers, earn more can not catch up with the price increase. And once the information asymmetry and capital combined, the value of its production will be higher, even beyond the pure single way of several times the rate of return. Third different ways to make money: by attracting eyeballs to make money. This is called the Red Net Economy in each year, the video podcast, awl face, ultra high career line, long legs and so on cool beauty of